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1. You just won a $1,000 shopping spree! Where would you drop the most cash?

  • Hot Topic
  • American Eagle
  • Charlotte Russe
  • Claire's

2. Which trend are you dying to try?

  • black leggings. They totally rock!
  • Bermuda shorts. They're preppy but casual.
  • a cropped jacket. They add a fun twist to an outfit.
  • a ruffled shirt. They're so pretty and feminine!

3. Where do you look for cool new styles to try?

  • your fave band's music videos
  • classic movies
  • the latest fashion magazines
  • awards shows

4. Which shoes will you be sporting the most this summer?

  • black Converse kicks
  • comfy flip-flops
  • funky wedges
  • strappy sandals

5. When friends raid your closet, they usually want to borrow:

  • one of your awesome concert tees.
  • jeans. You've got lots of different ones to choose from.
  • some of your fab accessories. You have so many cool belts and beads.
  • a pretty skirt. You've got tons!

6. What's your number one fashion rule?

  • Dare to be different!
  • Simpler is always better.
  • Keep it colorful!
  • You can never be overdressed!

7. What's your signature accessory?

  • a stack of rubber bracelets
  • a sweet pendant
  • a super-stylish bag
  • dangly earrings

8. You totally couldn't survive summer without:

  • a rockin' pair or sunglasses.
  • your fave jean shorts.
  • a pair of really adorable sandals.
  • a cute bikini.

9. Score! Your fave store is having a big sale! What do you pick up?

  • anything camouflage. It's a little edgy and goes with everything.
  • some more cute tees. You wear them all the time!
  • a long, flowing skirt. They're so fun and funky!
  • a flirty floral dress. A girl can never have too many!

Rocker Girl

You're inspired by Demi Lovato's edgy style! Music is super-important to you, so your clothes have a real rock-and-roll vibe, whether you're sporting your fave concert tee or a funky skull-and-cross bones scarf. You're a confident and independent chica, so you're not afraid to wear clothes that really make a statement, like leggings paired with a daring mini. You'd rather do your own thing than follow the crowd, and fashion is no exception. As a real free spirit, you'll always have a truly one-of-a-kind look!

Casual Chic

You're inspired by Blake Lively's classic look! You're a laid-back girl, so comfort is key when it comes to your clothes. You like simple, no-fuss styles that you can wear anywhere, like jeans, tanks and flip-flops. They're totally the staples of your wardrobe! Casual doesn't mean sloppy, though, and you know exactly how to look cute and pulled together and still be really comfortable. By sticking to the basics you love, you've developed a timeless look that will never go out of style!

Boho Babe

You're inspired by Jessica Szohr's funky boho styles! You've got a real artsy side, and you love to show your creativity through fashion. That means you're a big fan of mixing and matching to make new looks and adding lots of fun accessories like cool necklaces and chunky, low-slung belts. You love to hit vintage shops for ideas and to find unique pieces. You're a dreamy girl whose head is usually in the clouds, but that's just because you're busy thinking up new outfits! Way to go, you've made fashion into an art form!

Lovely Lady

You're inspired by Taylor Swift's pretty, feminine fashions! You're a total romantic at heart, so you love styles that are super-girly, like cute skirts, dresses and anything pink! You've got a real eye for detail, so you love adding plenty of adorable extras that make you feel especially pretty, like beaded tops or strappy sandals. Plus, your ladylike look will definitely catch the attention of the traditional kind of guy who's just right for you, and with your romantic wardrobe, you'll have the perfect outfit for the first date!

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