Will Seddie break-up on an all new iCarly?


Hey M Girls!

We'll admit it, we've been iCarly addicts since 2007. And the show's 5th and FINAL season is sure bringin' the dramz! Since April's special, iOMG we've been following the unlikely relationship between Carly's BFFs Sam and Freddie -- who now date but used to HATE each other!

Many iCarly fans are rooting for BFFs Carly, Sam, and Freddie to be BF/GF with each other, but stand divided over if Carly and Freddie OR Sam and Freddie should be a couple. And watch out team Seddie: It looks like this week, Carly might be meddling to break up Sam and Freddie!

Check out this shocking promo for iCan't Take It!:

Don't miss an all new iCarly, iCan't Take It!, this Saturday on Nick at 8/7c.

So let's dish: -Why do you think Carly & Gibby want to break up Seddie, and will they succeed? Are you Team Creddie or Team Seddie?

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