LOL: You Have to See the Duke of Wesleton's Hilarious Selfie!

Guards and duke of weaseltown selfie


Remember those two thuggish guards from Frozen? You know the ones that the Duke of Weasletown Wesleton sent after Elsa? (And then Elsa proceeded to totally kick their butts when they were shooting arrows at her in her ice castle.) Yeah, those guys. Well, it looks like they decided to take a selfie with the Duke before venturing off to try to kill Queen Elsa.

Hmm... if they Instagrammed it what do you think the caption would be? "On our way to kill the Queen." "Elsa, we're coming for ya!" "Ordered to kill the ice queen? NBD. We got this."

Isn't the imagined pic hilarious? For more pics of Disney characters taking selfies, click HERE!

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