You Heard It Here First! Keke's Fave Fragrance!


Hey M Girls. So by now, you've probably heard lots about our fun photo shoot with True Jackson VP star Keke Palmer in NYC. But here are some fresh deets about the shoot with Mizz Palmer at makeup mega-store Sephora! Keke had a blast testing out the lip glosses, but made a bee line to the fragrance section as soon as she saw her fave perfume on the shelf -- Pink Sugar! "This makes you smell soooo good," Keke spilled to us. Then, we told Keke she wasn't alone, stars like Ashley Tisdale and Vanessa Hudgens have told us they love Pink Sugar, too!

So lets dish ladies. I personally like wearing citrusy body spays like Pink by Victoria's Secret or sweet, but not too strong, scents like Heaven perfume by the GAP. What about you? Do you ever wear perfumes, body sprays or scented lotions?

xoxo, M Editor Sarah

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