EXCLUSIVE: You'll Never Guess Who Totally Ships Austin and Ally's Relationship!

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Disney, Getty Images

If you haven't heard of Sabrina Carpenter yet it might just be because you haven't been paying attention. Meaning, she's EVERYWHERE! She has a record deal with Hollywood Records, is starring in the upcoming Disney Channel series Girl Meets World, AND even guest-starred on Austin & Ally!

We'll definitely be covering Girl Meets World more when it gets closer to the premiere, but until then, we had to grill Sabrina all about her guest spot on Austin & Ally!

"They are probably the nicest cast I’ve ever worked with. They are so sweet," Sabrina confesses EXCLUSIVELY to M. "It was cool to be able to come into the cast and you know, even sing with them, too. They’re such a musical show so it was really cool that I got to join in on that."

Being on set, Sabrina even got to see first-hand what Ross and Laura were like together! "They’re just really good friends and it’s really cool to see how they act with each other because everyone obviously watches them on TV every week," Sabrina says. "It was cool to spend the week them as just friends in real life."

And of course, we were DYING to ask: Would Sabrina ship Auslly?

"I think I would!" she confesses. "I hate to go along with everybody because I know that’s totally mainstream but they’re really, really cute on the show. The show is called Austin & Ally. You want to see them end up with each other!"

We couldn't agree more, Sabrina! We SO can't wait to see more of Sabrina when the Boy Meets World spinoff series finally comes to Disney. (Seriously, we're counting down the days!) Until that day comes, watch Sabrina's adorable new video for her single "Can't Blame a Girl for Trying" BELOW:

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