You're invited to Kendall Jenner's Sweet 16!


Hey M Girls!

If you always wanted to be invited to a super-fun Kardashian/Jenner bash, now you can...sort of! E! will be hosting a TV event all about Kendall's Sweet 16 celebration, from planning to the big day, which is Nov. 3. The show will follow Kendall picking out the perfect present -- including car shopping, and deciding if she wants a tattoo or a belly button ring.

Knowing Kendall's fam, this won't be just an average birthday party. Sources say that they are trying to get Nicki Minaj or Kanye West to perform -- wowza! We'll let you more deets like when it's airing ASAP!

Let's dish: -Will you watch Kendall's Super Sweet 16? What's your dream birthday party?

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Photo: Startraks

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