Your Daily 11:20 am New Moon Fact!


Hey M Girls!

Since New Moon hits theaters 11/20/09, we're doing a daily countdown at 11:20 am with an awesome and juicy NM fact! So every day, you'll get a new movie secret!

Here's today's tidbit:

We're only 2 DAYS AWAY from New Moon! And today, we're talking bloopers with Michael Welch! He spills to M: "In the movie theater scene with Bella and Jacob, Mike gets sick in the book. So I tried to get ill that day to convey that, and I almost came to the point of throwing up a few times. I tried to make myself feel ill, and it sort of worked, but I never actually threw up on camera, thank god! But I came pretty close -- and that wouldn't have been good!"

Let's dish: -Are you seeing NM at midnight tonight?! When are you going to catch it in theaters?

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