Your Daily 11:20 am New Moon Fact!


Hey M Girls!

Since New Moon hits theaters 11/20/09, we're doing a daily countdown at 11:20 am with an awesome and juicy NM fact! So every day, you'll get a new movie secret!

Here's today's tidbit:

What was the most intense New Moon scene that Taylor filmed? He spills to Access Hollywood: "The 'break up' scene -- it's basically when Jacob breaks up with Bella, he realizes he's too much for her to handle. He's doing it for her, he's not doing it for himself, but the thing that made it so intense is I was shirtless, all I had on was shorts, and we were in 35 degree weather! And we were being poured rain on by a rain tower, which is just like so ice cold, it was horrible. And the scene was like 4 minutes long and I'm just sitting there... and you can't look cold! You have to look like, 'we're werewolves, we're hot, so ya know.'" LOL -- aww, poor Taylor! We know his filming in the freezing cold will be worth it!

Let's dish: -If you could ask the New Moon cast anything, what would you want to know?!

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