Your Daily 11:20 am New Moon Fact!


Hey M Girls!

Since New Moon hits theaters 11/20/09, we're doing a daily countdown at 11:20 am with an awesome and juicy NM fact! So every day, you'll get a new movie secret!

Here's today's tidbit:

The M staff is still talking about the incredible New Moon trailer that premiered during the MTV Movie Awards, but did you know that none of the NM cast members actually got to see the trailer before it was shown?! Wowza! So what did they think of it? Peter Facinelli, who plays Carlisle Cullen, dishes: "My favorite scene was when Jacob turned in to the werewolf, that's what I've been looking forward to. That transition has been in my mind forever, and now I got to see what it looks like!"

Let's dish: -What was your favorite part from the trailer??

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