Your Daily 11:20 am New Moon Fact!


Hey M Girls!

Since New Moon hits theaters 11/20/09, we're doing a daily countdown at 11:20 am with an awesome and juicy NM fact! So every day, you'll get a new movie secret!

Here's today's tidbit:

Taylor Lautner tells MTV that he did a lot of improv with Jacob for New Moon! He spills: "We did a lot of improv on set. We'd just be in a random forest, after Jacob transforms, he all of a sudden becomes very agile, and I wanted to show that, because pre-transformation, he's clumsy and as soon as he transforms, he's agile. So we'd be in a random forest, and I'd be looking around going, 'What can I do to show Jacob's agility in here?' And sometimes Chris would be like, 'No Taylor, we don't want you getting hurt, spraining an ankle.' I was like, "Well how about I just jump off that and jump through this?' and he's like, 'Alright, give it a shot!" So that's kinda what I was doing."

Let's dish: -Do you think after New Moon, you'll still be on Team Edward or will you switch to Team Jacob??

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