EXCLUSIVE: Zendaya Shares a Genius Back-to-School Tip!

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When you finally pick out that amazing first day of school outfit (which Peyton List exclusively gave M a few pointers about), the last thing you want is to suffer a wardrobe malfunction. What if your jeans tear or a button falls off your new blouse? Never fear, Zendaya is here! M recently chatted with the Shake It Up star and she shared an amazing back-to-school style tip.

"Always keep a little sewing kit handy," Zendaya tells M. "If something rips, you don't have to throw it away. You just whip out your little kit, go on YouTube and learn how to stitch something up!"

What a genius idea, right?! Travel-size sewing kits are available at places like Amazon and are usually very cheap. Also, they're so small that they'll fit right in your backpack or your pocket!

"It’s just a lot easier and you never know when something like that is going to happen — especially at school," Zendaya says.

What do you think of carrying around a mini sewing kit just in case you suffer a rip or tear? Do you think you'll take Zendaya's advice? Tell us in the comments!

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