M Magazine - Sitemap - 2014 - May - Page 1

Sitemap 2014 May - Page 1

  1. 15 Flavors of Macaroons That You Had NO IDEA Existed!
  2. What Does Your Favorite Ice Cream Flavor Say About You?
  3. 10 Stars Who Could Totally Play Disney Villains
  4. Peyton List, Karan Brar, & More Stars Give Their Best Evil Laugh & Reveal Their Fave Villain
  5. Francesca Capaldi Wears a 'Maleficent'-Inspired Headband!
  6. Bridgit Mendler & Her Friends Have a Girls' Night!
  7. Have You Seen Liam and Niall's Latest Selfie?
  8. 21 Stars Who Love Hanging Out With Their Siblings
  9. Alex Russo & Mason Greyback's Cutest Couple Moments on 'Wizards'
  10. Raini Rodriguez & Calum Worthy Pose for a Cute Pic!
  11. Can You Guess Which Stars These Baby Pics Belong To?
  12. Selena Gomez Shares Pics from Her UNICEF Trip!
  13. The Janoskians Hang Out with the Guys from At Sunset!
  14. 10 Cute & Easy Crafts You Need to Make This Summer
  15. Jenna Ushkowitz and Her Pup Are Basically the Same Person!
  16. Harry Styles Caught Holding Puppies on Twitter!
  17. Listen to These Disney Villians Sing About How They're Misunderstood
  18. Which Ross Kid from 'Jessie' Are You Most Like?
  19. Caroline Sunshine Goes for Ice Cream With Her Bro!
  20. Ashley Benson Wins the Silly Selfie Award!
  21. See Perrie and Jesy's Latest Silly Selfie!
  22. Guess Who Dressed Up as Jasmine and Aladdin and Sang 'A Whole New World'!
  23. What's Your Disney Channel Horoscope?
  24. Spencer Boldman Takes His Dog for a Walk!
  25. Steal Taylor Swift's Super Girly Bedroom Style!
  26. Peyton List Is Totally Ready for Summer!
  27. 10 Stars' Super Patriotic Selfies!
  28. 11 Stars Who Are Ready For Summer Now!
  29. 11 Awesome Pics That Will Get You Pumped Up for Summer
  30. Which Celeb Has the Silliest Instagram Pic of the Week?
  31. What Do You Think of Disney Channel's New Look?
  32. 10 Crazy Facts You Never Knew About 'The Suite Life of Zack and Cody'
  33. 31 Adorable Pics of Your Fave Stars Having Fun at Disneyland!
  34. Find Out the Most Romantic Thing Before You Exit Ever Did for a Girl!
  35. Alli Simpson Is So Proud of Cody Simpson For Graduating High School!
  36. Bella Thorne Hangs Out With an Elephant!
  37. Laura Marano Takes Silly Selfie with Peyton List, Kelli Berglund, and a Piece of Bread!
  38. 10 Delicious Cat Desserts That Will Blow Your Mind
  39. Ed Sheeran Takes a Selfie with a Falcon!
  40. You'll Never Guess What Little Mix Brought on Tour With Them!
  41. Check Out the Latest Episode of 'Midnight Red Revealed'
  42. Blake Michael Charms a Snake!
  43. Can You Guess Which Stars These Baby Pics Belong To?
  44. Zendaya Supports Bella Thorne at the 'Blended' Premiere!
  45. See Jake Miller's Hilarious New, Duck-Faced Selfie!
  46. 5 Celebs We Wish Would Star in 'Frozen' on Ice!
  47. Sleeping Piggy Wakes Up When He Smells a Cookie
  48. Get Excited for 'Girl Meets World' With This New Selfie from Sabrina Carpenter!
  49. 18 Awesome Pics of Sophia Grace & Rosie's Famous BFFs
  50. Shay Mitchell & Ashley Benson Have Fun in the Sun!
  51. The 15 Best TV Show Theme Songs of All Time
  52. The Cast of 'Awkward.' Posts Cute New Selfie
  53. Austin Mahone, Sarah Hyland, Roshon Fegan & More Stars Reveal Their Summer Plans!
  54. James Maslow Posts 'DWTS' Selfie With His Partner!
  55. Stefanie Scott Posts a Hilarious Instagram Selfie!
  56. Guess Which Celeb We Caught Reading!
  57. Peyton List and Skai Jackson Reveal How to Get Your Summer Crush's Attention!
  58. Olivia Holt & Luke Benward Hang With Their Friends!
  59. 10 Super Cute Ways to Decorate Your Sneakers for Summer
  60. 10 Hilarious Photos of Olaf Dressed Up as Disney Princesses
  61. Can You Guess Which Star These Light-Up Shoes Belong To?
  62. Happy 3 Year Anniversary to Bridgit Mendler & Shane Harper!
  63. Ashton Irwin from 5 Seconds of Summer Took a Fake Mustache Selfie!
  64. Which New Summer Band Are You Crushing On?
  65. Jai Brooks Cuddles With Puppies!
  66. Zendaya's Music Video for 'Too Much' From the Movie 'Zapped'
  67. See What Your Fave Disney Princesses Would Look Like With a Diva Makeover
  68. 10 of the Coolest 'Little Mermaid' Manicures You'll Ever See
  69. Why Is Gigi Hadid Kissing a Goat?
  70. Jillian Rose Reed Cuddles With Her Cat!
  71. Meet Sydney Park's Adorable Doggie!
  72. Ed Sheeran Hanging Out with Kittens and Puppies Is the Best Instagram Ever
  73. Which Celeb Has the Silliest Instagram Pic of the Week?
  74. Find Out What Your Fave Stars' Childhood Nicknames Were!
  75. Score 500 Secrets About Yourself in the New Issue of 'QuizFest'!
  76. Find Out What Your Fave Disney Characters Would Look Like as Teenagers!
  77. George Shelley Snaps a Selfie Before Hitting the Studio!
  78. Which 4th of July Dog Costume Is the Cutest?
  79. Amber Montana Gives Us a Sneak-Peek at the New 'Haunted Hathaways' Ep
  80. Victoria Justice & Avan Jogia Are Working Together Again!
  81. Go Behind the Scenes of Sweet Suspense's New Music Video!
  82. Can You Caption This Silly Pic of Kendall Jenner?
  83. See Peyton List and Skai Jackson's Super Silly Selfie!
  84. 10 Facts You Didn't Know About 'Victorious'
  85. See Your Fave Stars' Awkward Family Pics
  86. Kendall Schmidt Goes on a Kayaking Adventure!
  87. Wesley Stromberg Goes for a Bike Ride!
  88. 13 Super Creative Ways to Eat Cookie Dough
  89. Jake Miller Takes a Silly Selfie with His Dad!
  90. Us the Duo Hangs With Some Pretty Furry Friends!
  91. Carly Rae Jepsen Takes a Night off to Visit With her Dog!
  92. 20 Hilarious 'Frozen' Memes That Will Make You Laugh Out Loud
  93. 10 Groups Reveal Their Original Band Names
  94. See Keaton Stromberg's Cute New Selfie
  95. Does Kira Kosarin LOVE Video Games?
  96. Alli Simpson Made an Adorable Puppy Friend!
  97. 8 TV Show You Didn't Know Miranda Cosgrove Was On
  98. Sarah Hyland Poses with the Pixar Ball!
  99. Austin Mahone & Camila Cabello Hung Out Again Last Night!
  100. 21 Disney Desserts That Will Blow Your Mind
  101. Justin Bieber Goes for a Horseback Ride!
  102. The Hidden Meaning Behind Your Favorite Characters' Names
  103. George Shelley Posted a New Selfie!
  104. Kendall Jenner Gives an Elephant a Kiss!
  105. 10 Crazy Facts You Didn't Know About Debby Ryan
  106. Go Behind the Scenes of 'Girl Meets World'
  107. Midnight Red Gears Up for Their Tour with Austin Mahone!
  108. Jake Miller Is Totally Cheesin' in His New Selfie!
  109. Kira Kosarin Is Having a Crazy Hair Day!
  110. 10 GIFs That Prove Zendaya Will Be an Awesome Spy on 'K.C. Undercover'
  111. What If You Were Ross Lynch's Girlfriend?
  112. Shay Mitchell and Her Doggie Cuddle Together!
  113. Which Disney Character Would Play Your On-Screen Crush?
  114. Alexa Vega Posts Hilarious Pic of Carlos Pena!
  115. Molly Tarlov and Her Pup Are Just Too Cute!
  116. 20 Adorable Pics of Celebs and Their Mommies
  117. Which Celeb Has the Silliest Instagram Pic of the Week?
  118. 10 Crazy Facts You Never Knew About 'Lemonade Mouth'
  119. Which Disney Song Is Your All-Time Favorite?
  120. Learn Justin Bieber's 'Confident' Music Video Moves!
  121. Which 5H Girl Is Obsessed With Nutella?
  122. Score a Hot Guy Calendar in the June Issue of 'M'!
  123. Bailee Madison & Kat McNamara Took a Gorgeous Selfie Together!
  124. Jillian Rose Reed Posts Super Cute Puppy Pic!
  125. Find Out What Your Fave Stars Would Look Like as Cartoons!
  126. How Silly Does Perrie Edwards Look in Her Latest Selfie?
  127. Ariana Grande Spends Quality Time With Her Grandpa!
  128. 15 Stars Who Love No Sock Day!
  129. Raini Rodriguez Totally Misses Her Doggie!
  130. Adorable Kittens Act Out 'Monsters, Inc.' and it's SO Cute!
  131. 10 Celebs You Had NO IDEA Were Twins!
  132. You're Going to Love the New Little Mix Selfie!
  133. 11 Pics of Your Fave Stars Playing Dress-Up as Kids
  134. Kat McNamara Posts Adorable Pic with Amber Montana & Jiff the Dog!
  135. Who's That Mermaid Hanging Out by the Pool?
  136. Are Demi Lovato and Avril Lavigne Totally Friends?
  137. 13 More Stars You Had No Idea Voiced These Animated Characters!
  138. How Cute Is Shay Mitchell's Dog?
  139. How To Make Your Own Girl Scouts Cookies!
  140. How Cute Is Francesca Capaldi's Selfie?
  141. Bella Thorne Hangs Out With an Adorable Baby!
  142. Match the Celeb to Their First-Ever Tweet!
  143. Vanessa & Stella Hudgens Hide Their Faces With Their Hair in New Selfie!
  144. Peyton List Takes a Silly Jumping Photo with Her BFF!
  145. Are Austin Mahone & Camila Cabello Silly Face Soul Mates?
  146. Princess Anna & Kristoff Go to Disneyland!
  147. 13 'Frozen' Quotes That Will Totally Melt Your Heart
  148. Olivia Holt & Spencer Boldman Rock Their Onesies Again!
  149. 10 Stars Who Were Almost Cast in Your Fave Disney Shows & Movies
  150. These Kittens Act Out an Adorable Version of 'Tangled'
  151. 12 Amazing Mother's Day Gifts That Are Super Easy to Make
  152. Bailee Madison Reveals What Selena Gomez Taught Her!
  153. G Hannelius Shares a Pic from Her Circus Class!
  154. Wesley Stromberg Spends Some Quality Time with His Nephew!
  155. Which Disney Stars Dressed Up Like in 'Star Wars'?
  156. 11 Things That Should Happen in the 'Austin & Ally' Movie!
  157. Shay Mitchell Goes for a Bike Ride with Her Pup!
  158. See Pics from Olivia Holt and Spencer Boldman's Australia Trip!
  159. Which Celeb Has the Silliest Instagram Pic of the Week?
  160. Lucy Hale Cuddles Up with a Doggie in New Instagram Pic
  161. Disney Channel Stars Hang Out... Where Else? Disney World!
  162. Your Fave Stars Wearing Minnie Mouse Ears!
  163. 'Kickin' It' Cast Takes a Funny Selfie!
  164. Piper Curda Kisses Dopey from 'Snow White' in Disney!
  165. 14 Jariana Pics That Will Make You Happy Ariana & Jai Are Back Together!
  166. Is Stefanie Scott Secretly an Amazing Drummer?
  167. Piper Curda & Austin North from 'IDDI' Hang Out at Disney World!
  168. See Adorable Pics of Celebs Wearing Dance Costumes When They Were Kids!
  169. Can You Guess Which Disney Channel Star Is Holding This Baby Turtle?
  170. Lucy Hale Sings 'Let It Go' from 'Frozen' with Her friends
  171. 11 Delicious Desserts That Look Just Like Hamburgers
  172. Liz Gillies & Avan Jogia from 'Victorious' Reunite!
  173. Spencer Boldman Talks Olivia Holt into Holding a Snake!
  174. Which Stars Were Born in May?
  175. Stella Hudgens & Sammi Hanratty Visit Disneyland!
  176. How Delicious Do These 'Frozen' Princess Cupcakes Look?
  177. See One Direction's New (and Adorable) Selfie!