So Sweet: The Cast of '13 Reasons Why' Talks About What It Was Like Working With Selena Gomez


There has been so much buzz around the new Netflix serious 13 Reasons Why, and it doesn't surprise us. Anything executive produced by Selena Gomez and her mother Mandy Teefey is sure to be a hit, right? Seeing as Selena had such a big part in the film, the cast really got to know her – and they had nothing but amazing things to say.

Katherine Langford

In a recent interview, leading lady Katherine Langford opened up about how Selena truly supported her.

"I didn't have any prior kind of knowledge about what it was going to be," Katherine said. "But you know, Selena was so supportive – and so was her mom Mandy. Yeah, there were no bad feelings or weird feelings. She just like let me do it, and she was nothing but supportive – and just there for us, which was really great."

So sweet! As for how much time Selena spent with the cast – she was a bit limited by her super packed schedule. However, they did have some bonding time at the end of the filming process.

"She's Selena Gomez, so she's a wee bit busy – you now, doing world tours and all that kind of great stuff. But um, she visited actually the last day we shot. You know, got on a plane after she did her incredible [AMAs] speech and came down and we had like dinner and we watched Moonlight and just hung out. And um, you know – she did kind of give me some advice, but it was more just talking and just having someone there," the actress spilled.

So what was Selena like, you ask? Katherine confirmed that she's just as cool as you'd think.

"She's really down to earth," she said. "She's just a normal, raw, generous human being. And she's lovely."

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Dylan Minnette

Katherine isn't the only member of the cast who has sung Selena's praises. Dylan Minnette thinks the world of her too.

"Selena is passionate about what the series tackles,” the Goosebumps star said in an interview. “She doesn’t necessarily like too much of the attention she’s getting, but she’s appreciative of her popularity – because she can use her position of influence for the better. She brings with it a sense of empowerment. She’s genuine, and she doesn’t take herself too seriously."

Dylan also believes the Disney Channel alum has a big future in the producing world.

“If she keeps producing, she’s going to be a favorite producer for everyone, I’m sure," he told CNN.

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Ross Butler

For Ross Butler, Selena's involvement in the project was a huge reason why he was drawn to it.

"It was amazing. It was not a show I was expecting of Selena. This seemed like a complete 180. When I heard that she was a part of it, it was really interesting and drew me to it. After I got to work with her, I have some much more respect for her and the message she’s trying to put out there," the Riverdale actor said.

Alisha Boe

It meant a lot to Alisha Boe that Selena is so open about the obstacles she has faced in life.

"I admire Selena for being transparent about her mental health issues and how she uses her platform to start a conversation and lift the stigma on mental health. She's genuinely passionate about 13 Reasons Why and she believes in the message behind the show. It's been a pleasure working with her," the actress spilled in an interview.

Brandon Flynn

How would Brandon Flynn describe Selena? Beautiful.

"Selena Gomez is a beautiful person. She shares so much of herself and I think it helps a lot of people out there dealing with the same things. She is very busy, so my interactions with her during filming were limited, but her generosity and passion are very alive in the project, and that was really important to a lot of us!" he said.

We couldn't have said it better ourselves, Brandon.

Tommy Dorfman

The way Selena is so open about her struggles in life actually inspired Tommy Dorfman to be more honest with himself as well. What an inspiration.

He revealed, "Selena was, and is, a huge inspiration for me. She challenges me to be more truthful both on set and off. Her courage encouraged me to be open publicly about my own issues with mental health and addiction, knowing that being open about that might help someone else."

Michele Selene Ang

What really stuck with Michele Selene Ang about Selena was the way she leads by example in the most genuine way.

"Selena has been a benevolent presence since day one on this project. She came to visit set on the last day of filming for Season 1 and it made an emotional day all the more poignant. I’m personally thankful for her advocacy, because it’s not only a big part of why I have my job, but because I think we are starting to see a shift in how we talk about depression and anxiety. She leads by example," he said.

Justin Prentice

The fact that Selena Gomez was attached to this project was a huge plus for Justin when he was trying out for the show.

"Brian Yorkey, Tom McCarthy, and Selena Gomez all being attached was a huge selling point. I was stoked from the get-go, even to audition for it," he said in an interview. "Knowing that Selena Gomez was behind it I hoped it would have at least a little bit of traction and at least a few people would watch it and response positively. I had no idea it would have this level of success."

Aw, it just warms our hearts that the cast of the fan favorite series appreciates Selena so much!

This post was originally published on April 6, 2017 and has since been updated.

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