Prep Time Starts Now: Dylan Minnette & Katherine Langford Reveal What They Want to See In Season 2 of '13 Reasons Why'


A very big congratulations is in order for the cast of 13 Reasons Why. Now that everyone's new favorite Netflix series is officially coming back for season two, everyone can't stop wondering what the new upcoming episodes will have in store. Leading stars Dylan Minnette and Katherine Langford (who plays Hannah Baker) opened up in a recent interview what they hope to see in the new upcoming episodes. But first, they spilled what they already know about the second season.

"Nothing!" Dylan confessed.

Katherine chimed in, "That we're having a season two."

As for the things they hope fans get to see in these upcoming episodes, Dylan and Katherine have a few ideas. What does Dylan hope to see? Well, he's hoping for a little glimmer of happiest in the super dark drama.

"Maybe some smiles," he said. "There will be smiles. There will be tears. I'm excited to see what they're writing up for us.

Katherine dished, "Personally, I would be interested to see like – I don't know, the – more discussion into what's happening afterwards. I think, you know – like it's interesting in the first season we get to see what the characters go through post-Hannah's death."

Katherine went on to explain how Alisha Boe's storyline, in particular, has a lot of room to grow.

"I think Jessica has a really interesting story to tell – and recovery to make," the Aussie actress said.

Showrunner Brian Yorkey seems to agree.

"I want to do Jessica’s story the deserved justice of following her as she goes back to school, as she tries to begin to recover from what happened to her, because it’s something that millions of young women go through. And also [I want to] see somebody punch Bryce in the face," Brian said.

Same Brian, same. And as for Katherine's role, she'll definitely still play a huge part – despite the fact that her character is dead.

"I think one of the things that is still hanging out there is this question of is someone responsible for Hannah’s death? Is the school responsible? Who is responsible, if anyone is? One way we’ll explore that question is through the trial and also through all of these kids reflecting on where they are a few months down the road and what other secrets are being uncovered. That’s going to take us into the past, into Hannah’s story," Bryan revealed.

Brb, re-watching the entire first season in preparation for all the new episodes to come.

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