FYI: These Celebs Totally Aren't Related Contrary to Popular Belief But Allow Us to Show You Some That Actually Are Family


When you stumble upon two celebs who happen to have the same name, you can't help but initially think, 'are they related?' Think Sabrina Carpenter and Aaron Carpenter. They don't necessarily look alike, but they could totally be siblings or cousins. And what about Vanessa and Laura Marano? They have to be sisters, right? All valid, burning questions fans have had at least once and we're here to break it all down for you. Now you'll totally be in the know over which of your fave stars are actually family, since you now, true fans have to be able to spit out these tidbits of info at any give moment. Let's break it all down:

Are Sabrina Carpenter and Aaron Carpenter Related?

Although they have the same last name and are both fabulous singers, the actress and web star are not related. Sabrina actually has three sisters, Sarah, Shannon and Cayla and Aaron has a sister, Candice, and a brother, Dustyn.

They even joked about this common misconception on Twitter too.

Are Cameron Dallas and Jacob Sartorius related?

Cameron got his start on social media, as did Jacob. With their feathery brown hair and knack for taking silly selfies and having such a close bond with their fans, it's easy to think these two could be related. Especially since Cam did take Jacob under his wing early on to basically show him the social media ropes and be a bit of a mentor. But no, they are not related simply just friends.

Are Becky G and Selena Gomez related?

Becky's last name is actually Gomez, like Selena. They're both singers and actresses who are proud of their Mexican heritage and who have been in some pretty public relationships. (Austin Mahone and Justin Bieber ring a bell?) But these two ladies are in fact not related at all, just happen to have a lot of fabulous qualities in common. Becky is the oldest in her family, with one younger sister, Stephanie, and two younger brothers, Frankie and Alex, while Sel has one younger sister, Gracie.

Are Peyton List and Peyton List related?

The Disney Channel actress and the star of The CW series The Tomorrow People and Frequency may have the same first and last name, but they're not related at all. The Peyton List who has starred on Jessie and BUNK'D actually has a twin brother, Spencer, and a younger brother, Phoenix.

Are Olivia Holt and Claire Holt related?

Olivia and Claire legit look like they could be sisters but they only happen to share a last name. Claire is actually from Australia while Olivia grew up in Mississippi. So besides their last names, perfectly tousled blonde hair and starring in TV shows, that's about all they have in common.

Are Laura Marano and Vanessa Marano related?

Vanessa and Laura share a last name and they totally look alike so it's safe to assume they're sisters, right? Well in this instance, yes they are indeed sisters. Vanessa is three years older than Laura and the sisters have even co-starred together when they were younger on the series, Without a Trace and voiced turtles in Finding Nemo.

Does Dove Cameron Have a Twin?

Dove flawlessly played both roles of twins Liv and Maddie on her Disney channel series but IRL, she doesn't have a twin. That's right, it was her playing BOTH roles, but she does have one older sister though, Claire Hosterman.

Mysteries solved once and for all.