Together's Where We Belong: Ashley Tisdale Spills Her Fave, Yet Sweaty Memory With Zac Efron From Their 'High School Musical' Days

Ashley Tisdale and Zac Efron obviously go way back, since they both starred in this one little franchise you might've heard of by now, High School Musical. Sharpay and Troy have a rather complex relationship but when it comes to Ashley and Zac, these two are still super close and are basically like sister and brother.

We know, PRECIOUS. On Ash's YouTube channel, she recently did a video where she answered some of her fan's biggest questions and of course Zac came up. One fan wanted to know what her most memorable moment with her former co-star is and for Ashley, it all stems to their gym dates together.

"I grew up with Zac, I've known him since he was 16, so I think the memorable moments were when we would travel to different hotels in London, and Europe doing something, or any of the hotels when we were going press for High School Musical," Ashley said. "Zac and I loved to work out. So we would just always motivate each other. We would be exhausted from our press day and everybody was just like, "oh I'm going to get some food and hang out at the hotel' but Zac and I would be like, 'let's got to the hotel gym and work out.' It was just so funny of us, but those are really memorable to me because he's just like my brother so he was always awesome to hang out with. "

Aww, how sweet is that? They were there to just give each other those little boosts every now and then and having a friend who is a great hype person is necessary for anyone. Ashley obviously slayed her role as Sharpay, who was a rather over the top character, but when she was asked whether she would give up the part if she had the chance to play Vanessa Hudgens' role of Gabriella, Ashley admitted Sharpay is her girl forever.

"That's a good question. No, I wouldn't. Sharpay was so much fun to play. As much as I love Gabriella, I'm just too big of a Shapray fan," Ashley said. "I just think there's so ch fun in playing the villain and playing a character you're not like. That's what acting is all about and with Sharpay, it was just endless creativity. I would come up with ideas and I would go to Kenny Ortega and be like, 'I think we should do this' and he was such a great director, that he would just let us all be that creative and he would never turn us down on things. He was so open to everything so I was just able to keep creating."

So basically, she answered like we would expect Sharpay too, except int he nicer more Ashley way of course.

Ashley is forever and always Sharpay's biggest fan and she gets the magic that is Sharpay Evans on a deep level. That's why she's truly such a gem.

In honor of Ashley talking all about her HSM days, click through the gallery to see some of Zac and Ash's cutest pics together over the years!