Exclusive: How I Got My Driver's Permit with Carson Lueders


Singer/songwriter Carson Lueders brand new music video for his song "Feels Good" is something he's obviously super excited about, but when M caught up with the 15-year-old recording artist was "feeling good" for a whole other reason. He just passed the test for his driver's permit! And that of course is something to be oh so proud of.

Carson is simply so pumped to be able to drive now — with his mom next to him in the front seat of course — he just had to tell us all about his experience in the exclusive "storytime" style video below. So kick back, relax and check it out to hear all about Carson's day at the DMV and what life with a permit to drive is really like.

Despite a few bumps in the road along the way, Carson came out triumphant in the end and of course passed his test and got his driver's permit. His score was pretty impressive too.

Congratulations Carson! Be safe out on the road, and have a great time driving.

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