Exclusive: Chloe Bridges Reveals She Thinks Her 'Camp Rock 3' Character Ended Up Living Happily Ever After


There's been plenty of talk that a possible Camp Rock 3 movie might actually happen, since the main stars of the beloved Disney Chanel original Movies Demi Lovato, Joe Jonas and his brother Nick have all expressed interest in making a new movie. Although they have a darker version in mind that isn't necessarily Disney Channel friendly, it would still be nothing but amazing to see Mitchie, Shane and all of Connect 3 back on screen together. Other members of the CR family are totally on board with this movie happening too and now it just needs to happen.

We recently caught up with Chloe Bridges at the premiere of her new VH1 series, Daytime Divas, who played Dana Turner in Camp Rock 2: The Final Jam, better know as the girl who simply wanted to get to know Nate better and he ended up writing that adorable tune, "Introducing Me," for her. He of course reveals to Dana all of his personality quirks and untold secrets to the tune of the catchy song. Casual.

And while she told us all about her new show, she just had to ask her thoughts on Camp Rock 3. Essentially, she would be down for it.

"I would do it. I mean, realistically is it going to happen, I don't know but ,hey if that's a thing we're throwing around and talking about — sure," Chloe said exclusively to M. And what about her character? Well, Chloe has some thoughts on where she thinks Dana ended up all these years later, although she's not entirely sure.

"Last we saw her, she was at the bonfire making googly eyes at Nick, I don't know maybe they dated for a minute, and then break up. Maybe she's married with five kids, lives in Wisconsin. I don't know what she's up to. Maybe she lives in New York and she's a supermodel, I have no idea," Chloe said to us with a laugh. "But for the sake of fandom, I hope that she and Nate are happily in love and they sing a lot and play acoustic guitar on the weekends.'

Be still our hearts, Dana and Nate living happily ever after? Shout-out to Chloe for looking out for the Camp Rock fans. Appreciate it girl.

Reporting credit: Anna Quintana