Don't Forget: Cole Sprouse Explains Why the 'Suite Life' Shows Will Always Be Special to Him

Cole Sprouse and his brother Dylan rose to fame as playing Zack and Cody on their two Suite Life series and although they took a break from acting for a while to attend college, that doesn't mean they didn't appreciate their time on the Disney Channel. Cole said in a recent interview that he and Dylan really did enjoy their time, despite taking time off to really find themselves and what they wanted out of life.

"It was a massive pursuit that changed our lives tremendously. That show really became a home away from home," Cole said. "I needed to know if I wanted to continue performing and had to step outside of myself to pursue other things."

But Cole's break from acting is almost over, with his new show Riverdale set to premiere in 2017 on The CW. Cole explained that his character Jughead Jones is definitely much different than anyone he's ever played before.

"My character is a weird and creepy kid, which is very fitting for me," Cole joked.

He's definitely not Cody anymore!

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