#RiverdaleStrong: Cole Sprouse and Lili Reinhart Ship Bughead, But Admit They Don't Know If the Couple Will Last

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If you're an avid Riverdale fan, then you know the unexpected romance between Betty and Jughead has been a source of light in this first season that's been filled with some dark twists and turns. Seriously, didn't your heart just melt when Betty admitted to her mom that there's no way she would ever turn her back on Jughead, since she's totally in love with him?

For real, just precious. The couple has had their fair share of ups and downs this season, which is winding down with one final episode left to air until next season. Bustle caught up with Cole Sprouse and Lili Reinhart, where they both confessed that their couple has dealt with a lot so far, but the drama is only getting started.

"Bughead has been through a lot of trauma Season 1 and will experience more in Season 2. It’s not smooth sailing — we get darker and weirder in Season 2," Cole said. "They’re balancing their personalities off each other, which is so apparently contrasting, and I think they’re obviously going to have realistic bumps in the road."

Cole brings up a solid point: no love story is every picture perfect and Betty and Jughead are still in high school, learning about who they truly are and what they want in life and out of a relationship. This means things are bound to change in their relationship, which Lili agrees with.

"With any young relationship, they’re still figuring out who they are. That kind of affects your relationship with other people. Things change. People breakup and get back together. It’s kind of an open-ended situation because anything can happen between two teenagers who are falling in love," Lili explained. "It makes sense to have these two people who are kind of lonely and on the outside and don’t really fit in to a particular group to be together. I do hope they pull through, as long as they keep making each other happy."

So pretty much, Lili and Cole are totally shipping their characters just as much as everyone else.

"I want them to have a happily ever after if it’s honest and real. If they can comfort each other in a storm of [craziness] that seems to be hitting them at light-speed, that’s what I want," Cole admitted.

OK, now that is just too much.

For those who are fans of the original Archie comic that the show is based off of, seeing Betty and Jughead together could be a bit confusing. In the comics, the love triangle between Betty, Archie and Veronica is in the forefront and Jughead is known in the fandom as being asexual. Naturally, this is something the actors are aware of and seeing the fans react in a mostly positive way to this unexpected couple has been nothing but satisfying for them.

"Because I was an avid comic fan, I understand when properties change how volatile people can get. There was a lot going in that was betting against these two characters finding joy," Cole explained. "I think when people really took to it and enjoyed and loved it, that was something to me that was really refreshing, truthfully."

"That’s the whole point, our show is not a direct carbon copy of the comics," Lili added.

Bughead forever and always.

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