OMG: Debby Ryan Shares the Scary Story Behind Her Intense Injuries


Oh no, Debby Ryan is dealing with an intense injury. The actress took to Snapchat to share pics with her fans, letting them know her foot is now in a boot, and her head has a scrape on the side.

Debby revealed on Twitter that she ended up ripping muscles in her foot when she fell, and she was even knocked out for a little while until some people came along to help her out.

Poor Debby was actually unconscious!

Yikes, this all just seems terrible. But in case you were wondering what exactly Deb was doing when this injury went down, she shared that she wasn't doing any type of stunt-work, but just so happened to be walking outside when she took the nasty tumble.

And it was simply all because of a combination of factors, including a lack of sleep, a specific type of footwear and being distracted on her phone.

She later posted another photo on her Snapchat story, letting everyone see her black eye she now has as a result of this nasty fall.

Yikes, that looks rough. We hope Debby gets well soon, and doesn't end up suffering from any more scary accidents like this again!

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