#Loyal: Debby Ryan Proves She's Bughead's Biggest Fan and It's Literally Too Much Cuteness to Handle


Ever since Debby Ryan and Cole Sprouse played one of the cutest couples to ever grace a Disney Channel show, Bailey and Cody on Suite Life On Deck, fans' hearts literally melt every time these two hang out. Just look at how adorable they were?

And lucky for all of us, they're actually still the best of friends and often spend quite a lot of time together. In fact, Cole was just on had at Debby's 24th birthday party. Enjoy this modern-day selfie of the pair a lucky fan snapped with the duo.

Although Cole and Debby are no longer co-stars, they're obviously still super supportive of each other and their respective careers so it's no secret Deb is a fan of Cole's show Riverdale. So when she happened to stumble upon a poster featuring Cole all broody as his character Jughead, she just had to take the most amazing selfie in front of it, which she shared on Snapchat.

Deb wrote, "if ur a weirdo I'm a weirdo," referencing an episode where Juggy served up a rather long soliloquy to Betty about how he's weird, and The Notebook's famous line between the fictional couple everyone loves Noah and Allie of "If you're a bird, I'm a bird." So let's take a moment to let that sink in.

But the cuteness doesn't stop there. Debby has even become super close with one of Cole's co-stars, the lovely Lili Reinhart.

And yes, she snapped a pic in front of Lili's poster too.

Her caption on this show is a call-out to the Riverdale's cast's running joke about which of them is "daddy," something that seems to be still up for debate. Betty is happy dating Jughead on the show, so seeing Cole's two fictional ships join forces in this way is simply all types of amazing. Debby has proven she is nothing but loyal to Cole and all her friends on the show, so how about we get a guest-starring role of some sorts? That would be pretty perfect, if we say so ourselves.