Exclusive: Debby Ryan Dishes All About Working With Her Longtime BFF Chloe Bridges On Their Upcoming TV Series

Debby Ryan is best known for her roles on the beloved Disney Channel shows, The Suite Life on Deck and Jessie, and even though she's been filming tons of movies lately, she's heading back to television. That's right, Deb is heading back to the small screen and when we caught with the starlet at The Celebrity Experience, she told us all about her new VH1 series Daytime Divas, or at least as much as she could.

"Everything is kind of still under wraps, but I have done some really cool appearances on a show called Daytime Divas that I love, and it has been amazing working with Vanessa Williams and Chloe Bridges who I’ve known since I was 13," Debby exclusively said to M.

"We’ve both kind of known each other and stay in touched ever since and 10 or so and years later we’re seeing each other in Atlanta and shooting and seeing each other here and it’s been really cool. All my scenes are with her and I really think that you can see that dynamic and it shows through," Debby added.

How amazing is it that after all these years of friendship, Debby and Chloe are working together? Debby has obviously been involved in the acting world since she was young, so it comes as no surprise she was the celebrity special guest at this even. Debby and founder of TCE, George Caceres, mentored and answered the questions of aspiring actors, actresses, and singers, just sharing her wisdom she's gained over the years.

She shared some fun pics of her own on Twitter too.

Clearly she had a blast!

Click through the gallery to see throwback pics of Debby and Chloe hanging out together over the years!