STOP THE PRESSES: Demi Lovato Proves She's Still Friends With Selena Gomez With New Best Friend Selfie


OMG, stop the presses! Demi Lovato just proved that her and Selena Gomez are one in the same after all, as the "Cool for the Summer" singer just debuted a brand new best friend selfie with her longtime friend.

"Look at how #coolforthesummer we are.. Friends for years, #sameoldlove 👯👭💕," Demi captioned the silly photo. (GET THAT PROMO, GIRL!)

We had a feeling these two were becoming friends again, as Sel wrote a seriously heartfelt birthday wish to Demi on her Twitter account back in August. Ever since then, we've been keeping our ear to the ground and now with Demi's latest upload, it's clear that nothing can come between these two pop stars' friendship. This is what happens when two worlds collide, people!

Things got fuzzy between these two besties and Princess Protection Program co-stars when Demi unfollowed Selena on Twitter and wrote a cryptic tweet about "swimming away" from toxic people and their negative energy.

Since that fateful day, things have been pretty mum on the Delena front, which kind of seemed like confirmation that their friendship was done-zo. But now, we have new faith that this duo will forever be in tact!

Now that Sel's ex-boyfriend Justin Bieber is out of the picture, perhaps bringing Demi, her oldest friend, back into her life is part of her Revival process. We have to admit, it's a decision we can 100% get on board with! Not to mention, now that Selena reunited with Nick Jonas, AKA one of Demi's closest friends and business partners, it'd be pretty hard to turn a blind eye to her former bestie.

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