All In This Together: Proof 'Descendants' Is Basically 'High School Musical'

There are some Disney Channel Original Movies that reach iconic status and it's safe to say the High School Musical films along with Descendants have done just that. Both series have such intense fandoms who are beyond loyal and have made these movies such hits. Just recently, Gary Marsh, the president and chief creative officer of Disney Channels Worldwide, even spoke about how the upcoming DCOM Descendants 2 is the only film to really bring on HSM vibes, and it's the first to be broadcast on five networks at the same time.

"The passion that fans – across every demographic and geographic landscape – have demonstrated for Descendants rivals anything we’ve seen since High School Musical. Sharing the new sequel movie across our far-reaching portfolio of TV networks and digital platforms is something only Disney can do – and we do it proudly," Gary said.

How amazing is that? Both of these musical series do have some major similarities and if you're missing HSM, well then allow Descendants to fill the void. Trust us on this!

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Click through the gallery to see all the parallels between the HSM movies and Descendants!