Baddest of Them All: Gil, Uma and Harry Take Center Stage In the Fierce New 'Descendants 2' Poster

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Descendants 2 might not be gracing television screens until the summer, but there are plenty of teasers and sneak peeks so far and the latest poster just adds even more hype. The official Disney Descendants Twitter and Instagram account shared an intense new poster of Gil, Uma and Harry and this pirate squad is for sure going to give the OG villain kids a run for their money.

In the photo, we see this oh so rotten new crew giving their best menacing looks. Gil, played by Dylan Playfair, has some fancy face paint on, proving he's ready to go to battle, while Uma , played by China McClain, is wielding a very shiny sword like a total pro. Side note, can we just take a moment to appreciate how fierce China looks in that snazzy pirate's cap and how her nail color perfectly matches her hair? And then we have Harry, played by Thomas Doherty, who is serving us some major attitude, with a side of jawline so sharp it might just cut you through your screen.

The poster's tagline "It's Going Down," is already hinting to an epic battle that might take place between these ferocious new characters and the beloved faves, but we have a feeling Mal, Evie, Jay, Carlos and even Prince Ben will be able to stand up to this crew. Just look at epic their group poster is?

Mal is clearly ready to take on Uma, who has been described as Mal's longtime rival who has a bone to pick with her and the rest of the villain kids, since Uma wasn't one of kids from the Isle of the Lost to be chosen to attend Auradon Prep. You know that means plenty of action, adventure and drama is on the way, and Dylan look to Twitter to let his co-stars know just how pumped he is for the world to see all they've been working on in this new movie.

Seriously, summer needs to hurry on up already! Although there isn't an official release date for the film, rumor has it the DCOM should be arriving in June, which isn't as far off when you think about it. Or so we're telling ourselves.

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