Clearing the Air: Here's the Breakdown of the 'Descendants 2' Shipping Drama


The Descendants fandom is a passionate bunch, loyal to the movie, the upcoming sequel, the music, and the cast. With such a vocal group of fans, there is naturally going to be some who have different opinions, whether it's about which song is the best, which Villain Kid is actually the evilest, or which characters you ship together. Being a part of a fandom is all about expressing your innermost thoughts about the characters you love so much, but sometimes things can get intense. Recently, it seems there has been a bit of drama surrounding Dove Cameron, Mitchell Hope, and newcomer to the Descendants family, Thomas Doherty, about their characters and their real-life relationships.

Let us break it all down:

In Descendants, Dove's character Mal ends up falling for Prince Ben, who is Mitchell's character. Maleficent's daughter and Belle and Beast's son ending up together is a pairing no one saw coming at first, but throughout the course of the movie, Mal learns what real love is from her fellow VKs (something they really learn together) and from her romance with Ben.

Naturally, these two have a solid on-screen chemistry and it makes sense why they were cast opposite each other in these roles. The whole point of acting is that you want to believe what you're watching, right? So, of course, fans not only ship Mal and Ben in the movie but in real life too. These movies are brought to us thanks to the one and only Kenny Ortega, who directed all of the High School Musical movies. Those are iconic for any Disney Channel fan and featured the epic love story between Troy and Gabriella, which actors Zac Efron and Vanessa Hudgens took off-screen. Fans have totally picked up on the fact that they see some major similarities between Mal and Ben's relationship compared to Troy and Gabriella's.

Mal is a villain while Ben is a prince, and yet they still fell for each other. Troy was a basketball player while Gabriella was a science whiz, and yet they both loved singing and ended up falling for each other too. Star-crossed lovers in a sense! So since Zanessa was a thing off-screen, it's easy to see why fans would want to see Dove and Mitchell as a couple. But Dove is actually dating Thomas, who plays Harry Hook in D2. She just posted a new pic of the pair and wrote in the caption, "r they dating," basically calling out the fact that fans seem to always flood the comments on their Instagram posts of each other, wondering if they're together.

Dove and Thomas are dating in real life, and this is where the fandom drama got a bit messy. It seems like there are those out there who don't want to see Mal and Ben together in D2, but instead want to see Mal and Harry together. All of these shippers got into a bit of a feud and starting making threats toward each other. This is something one fan account decided to bring up, prompting Kenny and Dove's mom Bonnie Wallace to chime in.

Kenny simply wants everyone to stop fighting with other, which makes total sense. Bonnie, on the other hand, was getting called out for blocking certain fans, but as she pointed out, she just doesn't want to see or be tagged in anything negative.

There is simply no need for anyone to be attacking anyone else, all over a shipping war that doesn't need to happen. So, no matter who you ship — Mal and Ben, Mal and Thomas, Dove and Mitchell, Dove and Thomas, or whoever else — this should all be for fun. Besides, whoever these very real actors decide to date in their personal lives really isn't up to anyone else. Can't we all just get along and enjoy these movies together?