Ways to Be Wicked: Relive the Moments From the 'Descendants 2' Trailer That Had You Saying OMG

After months of anticipation, the first full-length trailer for Descendants 2 arrived during the 2017 Radio Disney Music Awards. And of course it lived up to all the hype and was nothing short of epic.

We finally got to see what Mal, Evie, Carlos and jay are up to in Aurdaon, and there is so much going on. Like hello Uma and her pirate gang and all the drama they're bringing since Mal returned to the Isle. Mal basically ditches Auradon when she can't deal with the pressure of being good to please Prince Ben and his royal lifestyle anymore, so she heads back to her evil roots.


While she's back home, she finds Uma not happy to see Dove return and this time, Uma and her prate gang are out for revenge. Ben being the legit prince he is, takes the blame for Mal doing rogue and along with Evie, Jay and Carlos, he heads to the Isle to apologize to Mal and hopefully bring her back. Except while he's there, Uma and her crew kidnap Ben and in order to get him back, she demands the Fairy Godmother's wand so she can break down the barrier between the Isle and Auradon for good.

YES, ALL THAT IS HAPPENING. But Ben and Mal's love story is still an integral part of this chapter, and in the trailer we are treated to a few truly sweet moments between this star-crossed pair. Remember int he first movie when she touches her face and looks into her eyes, getting to know the real Mal after they swim in the lake?

Well, we get another one of those precious face touches and it's all too much.

(Also, oh hey blonde Mal!) But later in the trailer, we see the moment when Mal meets Harry Hook for the first time and since Dove Cameron is now dating Thomas Doherty IRL, fans have been waiting to see these two interact on screen. So Mal and Ben might be a couple, but they chemistry between Dove and Thomas pretty much jumps off-screen. Can we talk about how Harry does a face touch to Mal with his actual hook?

Seriously, things are getting more wicked this time around! We're starting to wonder if there is possibly going to be a brewing love triangle between Mal, Ben and Harry?! Only time will tell and perhaps Harry is just messing with Mal's mind a bit, since he's #TeamUma. And since you're most likely still watching this trailer on repeat — we for sure are — we just had to look back at the best moments from the clip, in GIF form of course.

Click through the gallery to see GIFs from the D2 trailer and don't forget to mark your calendars for July 21 at 8 p.m. when the DCOM is hitting television screens for the first time!

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