Next Chapter: The Fierce New Teaser Trailer for 'Descendants 2' Has Arrived

Descendants 2 is hands-down one of the most highly anticipated movies of 2017 and even though it wont be arriving to Disney Channel until the summer, a new teaser has arrived that will hold the fandom over for a bit. And trust us, it will get you so PUMPED.

In the clip, the OG villain kids — Mal, Evie Jay and Carlos — are seen showing off their fierce fighting moves, swinging swords, doing flips and just being their cool selves. One plot twist already revealed is that Prince Ben has joined them on their evil expedition and he's gotten a makeover, ditching his princely-garb for something a bit edgier. We find out that Carlos' beloved pooch Dude is back too in this clip, and although it's brief, we are treated to a shot of China McClain's character, Uma, a new addition to the rotten to the core crew. We don't get to see her face, but her hair looks AMAZING in slow mo. Watch the teaser here:

And in case you would like a clearer shot of China as Uma, here she is seeing the first massive poster version of her character, along with Mitchell Hope.

Long live evil though?! THIS MOVIE IS GOING TO BE NEXT LEVEL. According to the film's official description, Mal is pretty much over being good, since it's all just too much and she ends up heading home to the Isle of the Lost. Ben decides to run after her, and that's when Evie, Jay and Carlos go with him to help out, since they're going to have to sneak the Prince around their homeland. While all this is going on, Uma — Mal's number one nemesis — is the one running things on the Isle now, but she's still upset she wasn't chosen to go to Auradon prep. Along with her two buds, Harry and Gil, they feel like it's time to get their revenge and are planning to let all of the villains from the Isle and into Auradon.

As if this teaser trailer wasn't enough, the first new official poster for the movie is here, and it's just as fabulous as you expected.

BRB, just marking down the days until it's summer and this movie is finally here.

What are you most looking forward to seeing in the film? Tell us in the comments section below and click through the gallery to see more pics of the D2 cast hanging out together when they were filming!