No Way: Did Joey Bragg Confirm 'Liv & Maddie' Is Actually Ending?

It was a joyous occasion for fans of Liv and Maddie everywhere when Dove Cameron announced the show would officially return for a fourth season but in a new interview, star Joey Bragg revealed he believes this upcoming season might just be the last one ever.

"I thought the show might’ve been done after Season 3, but then it got picked up for fourth. It’s very rare Disney Channel goes for a fifth," Joey said. "It’s going to be different than it’s been the past three seasons. I’m not going to give anything more away, but there’s definitely going to be a change in probably the poster, opening credits and family dynamic all together."

Ahh so many changes are coming, which is something exciting to look forward too! Joey does have make a point though: all of the classic Disney shows, like Wizards of Waverly Place and Jessie for example, only ran for four seasons. Since there is a good chance this season might be the last one, it's nice to know the show is going in a different direction that will spice things up. There is one thing though that Joey promises is going to stay the same: the show will get better, no matter what.

"I think we’ve improved every season we’ve done this show and I don’t think that’s going to change," he said.

Now that is good to know!

Click through the gallery above to see pics of the cast hanging out together, totally proving how close they are. Then share your thoughts in the comments section below about Liv and Maddie possibly ending!