Together At Last: Dove Cameron and Her Boyfriend Thomas Doherty Reunite In Ireland


All is right in the world again because Dove Cameron and her Descendants 2 co-star and real-life boyfriend Thomas Doherty are back together. After having to spend some time apart for work reasons, the Disney Channel lovebirds have reunited in Ireland.

While Dove Cameron's Snapchat is often times the go-to source for sneak peeks into her relationship, it was Thomas who revealed the fact that they're together at last. The Scottish hottie took to his Snapchat story (username thomasdoc, in case you were wondering) to post a photo of the duo's hands intertwined with one another.

There is no doubt that that is Dove's hand he is holding. That matte black ring on her hand is the one Disney Channel gave to her for her 20th birthday recently. And that X tattoo on her pinky finger? That's the one Dove got with her Cloud 9 co-star Kiersey Clemons. Not to mention, Thomas recently doodled an identical design on his hand, so he must have REALLY been missing Dove during those weeks apart. Now we were hoping to get a little look at the personalized bracelet Thomas gave to her, but perhaps it's on the other hand.

Speculation that Dove was meeting back up with her bae arose earlier this week when she tweeted an emoji of the Irish flag, accompanied by two hands throwing up peace signs. Although she didn't write a message alongside the emojis, what she must have meant was that she was about to peace out and go see her bae in the country where he is currently filming his Disney Channel series The Lodge, which Dove has said she would be down to guest-star on.

This isn't the first time Dove spent time with Thomas abroad. In fact, it was just about a month ago when Thomas visited his blonde bae while she was spending time in London, England. He even took to Twitter to share a photo his girlfriend answering the hotel door for him.

There is literally zero doubt that Dove is head over heels in love by the look of that googly eyed glance – and he feels the same way. It appears what did it for him was the fact that Dove is always down to play some video games with him. So cute!

But wait – before you ask yourself, "Is Dove Cameron engaged again?" – let us just say she's probably taking it slower this time around. After all, she did recently confirm that the two are trying to keep their relationship to themselves, as she believes keeping things private is much more romantic. All we know is that we love getting an inside look at what these two are up to, so we can only hope they continue to share love-dovey photos with each other.


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