Say It Isn't So: Ryan McCartan & Dove Cameron Break Up

It's official: Dove Cameron and Ryan McCartan have split after more than three years together. The couple met on set of Liv and Maddie and became engaged back in April of this year, but it looks like things just weren't meant to be. Ryan took to Twitter to sadly confirm the news.

He also thanked his fans for being there for always being there for him.

Dove then shared a statement of her own on Twitter, thanking her fans as well and reminding everyone that there is nothing but love between her and Ryan.

This is not only a heartbreaking time for both Dove and Ryan, but also for their fans, since it's unclear whether their band, The Girl and the Dreamcatcher will continue. Fans did recently speculate that the beloved couple was on the rocks and unfortunately, this turned out to be true. When we caught up with the pair back in August, Ryan just couldn't help but gush over Dove and how truly grateful he was for their relationship.

"If I could tell my childhood self anything, it's that I was going to fall in love with the most amazing woman and get to perform with her on stage. I mean I'm really weird, I'm a hopeless romantic and I have been since I was tiny, like my favorite game when I was five was House. I loved being a husband and I've always been that way," Ryan said EXCLUSIVELY to M. "Any time I have dated someone in the past, I was like, 'are you going to be wife?' And they would be like, 'No, I'm 12' and I said, 'I don't care!' I've always been that way, so my childhood self would be like, 'You're going to fall in love and perform with her?' This is literally the dream come true for me."

BRB, we'll just be here sobbing now! But we truly wish them both all the best.

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