Now's Your Moment: Dove Cameron Confesses Her Disney Character Crush

The identity of the lucky person who gets to date Dove Cameron is a piece of information all of her fans want to know. They simply want to make sure their girl's heart is being taken care of, after all. Since her public split from her ex-fiancé Ryan McCartan, the Liv and Maddie star took some time to just be single and she has since found love again with her Descendants 2 co-star Thomas Doherty. But in her new interview with Galore, the starlet reveals there is another Disney cutie who she's always had her eye on.

"I think Prince Eric is the original hunk. Who would I go on a date with now? I don’t know if I can answer that. I might be a little tight lipped in that area, but Prince Eric for sure," she said.

OK, so let's break this down for a minute. In The Little Mermaid, Eric is the human who Ariel gives up her tail and her voice for, in order to get some legs and try to get this guy she's had a massive crush on to fall in love with her. He does have those dreamy blue eyes, 100-watt smile and a heart of gold, so it's easy to see why Eric is Dove's cartoon crush.

Fans totally want the starlet to play Ariel in the live-action version of this classic movie too, so it's super interesting that this specific Disney Prince happens to be her all time fave. But she also didn't really seem too keen on spilling which Disney Channel alum she would like to date IRL, you know, one who is human and not a fictional, animated character. Perhaps at the time of this interview she was still keeping her relationship with Thomas under wraps, but she did go on to say that she doesn't really support the concept of a rebound relationship, meaning you just start dating a person after a breakup in order to get over that past heartbreak and you know it's only a temporary love. Dove is all about that legit, long-term relationship.

"No, I don’t believe in rebound boyfriends. I believe in finding yourself and living on your own and doing your own thing until someone comes up that you can’t ignore," she said. "I believe that whatever is organic should happen the way it is supposed to. In my minimal amount of experience, it’s always been something that just cant be stopped and I think that’s the only reason to pursue anything at all."

So it looks like Tove or Domas (verdict is still out on the official ship name) is the real deal and this relationship happened not because Dove was sad over her past breakup, but because she was ready for it and it all fell into place. Some things, and people, are just meant to be.

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