Rotten to the Core: Dove Cameron Admits She Would Totally Leak 'Descendants 2'


It feels like just about everyone is (patiently) waiting for more information about Descendants 2. There have been a few, super short teaser trailers and posters released, but not a full length one yet and an official release date has yet to be announced. So far, fans only know the Disney Channel Original Movie is coming this summer and since spring is already upon us, are any more details coming soon? Well if it was up to Dove Cameron — Mal herself — she would already have the footage everyone desperately wants out in the world.

A fan asked Dove on Twitter if she could give fans the official D2 trailer and she admitted she 100 percent she would actually leak the video if she had it or knew anything about it.

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OK, let's take a moment to appreciate the fact that Dove has the fans' back and would risk it all to give them what they want. She actually would leak the trailer if she had it, and we have a feeling that is something Mal would completely approve of.

Unfortunately, the actress doesn't have that power quite yet, so it looks like fans will have just have to wait for Disney Channel to drop the trailer on their own terms. The director of both movies Kenny Ortega, just took to Instagram though to share a really sweet message about the cast, and in the process let everyone know just how had he and the D2 crew are working on the movie.

"I am so proud of and grateful to each one of you. The unconditional love you spread and the tireless investment you made while making #d2 inspired us all! I have been living with this movie in Post now for months and my appreciation for what you have accomplished on this journey together is enormous. Your talent is only matched by your grace and generosity. It has been an honor and a privilege! I'm so excited for the Fans to see your your brilliant work this Summer! May our friendships endure...#longliveevil #rottentothecore ❌🍎#dovecameron #cameronboyce #booboostewart #sofiacarson," he wrote in the caption of the precious core four villain kids selfie.

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So there you have it. Everyone is really doing their best to create the most epic musical DCOM of all time and whenever the first trailer or the movie itself comes out, it will totally be worth it.

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