New Chapter: Dove Cameron Hints She's Working On a Solo Album & Fans Are Freaking Out


It's no secret that Dove Cameron has one of the most incredible voices around. She is a musical queen, after all. (Hello Descendants and Hairspray Live.) And when she was still engaged to Ryan McCartan, the former couple released an EP as the duo, The Girl and the Dreamcatcher, proving that Dove can sing just about any type of music and always slay. But since the couple is no longer together and Ryan has solo music set to be coming out very soon, everyone has been wondering what Dove's plan is. And now fans are totally thinking she's working on her own solo music, all thanks to a few tweets she sent out. GET READY.

It all began when the starlet teased that she's working on something really exciting at the moment, but she just can't talk about it with her fans quite yet.

It's obviously something that has her feeling on top of the world! Fans then kept replying to her about dc1, which she had to ask what exactly this is referring to. It stands for Dove Cameron 1, meaning her first album that everyone is totally convinced she's working on.

And once this was brought to her attention, Dove replied with some rather suspicious emojis, including the thinking face and the little purple devil.

So was this confirmation? Or is she just playing along? Perhaps this could be what she has in mind, but she might be working on something else at the moment. She has been posting a ton of videos of herself singing lately though, which could be because she loves music, or that she's in the zone and working on her own tunes. There never really was an official breakup statement from TGATDC, but it's safe to say that Dove and Ryan's musical duo is dunzo too. So let's all just hit here and hope the Liv and Maddie star is getting ready to drop some serious jams on us all. We'll be waiting, Dove.

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