OMG: Did Dove Cameron Just Casually Drop Her First Solo Song?


It's no secret Dove Cameron has a truly beautiful singing voice, since the world has been treated to plenty of songs that showcase her impressive vocals. (We're not the only ones who still have her cover of "Genie and a Bottle" and "Cooties" on repeat, right?)

All of the tunes she has released so far have been songs she's recorded for her various roles, from Liv and Maddie, Descendants and Hairspray Live!, with the only original music being the EP her former band The Girl and the Dreamcatcher released. Well, Dove is a solo artist now and fans have been anxiously waiting to know if she's going to drop something soon, and for a second it totally seemed like she did!

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Dove took to her Instagram account, where she shared a mega-glam video that appears to be from a photo shoot, or maybe this is just how she lives her life on a daily basis. Anyway, she's flipping her hair around, serving up some fabulousness to the camera and a song is playing in the background that literally sounds just like her voice.

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COULD THIS BE SOLO DOVE?! Not too long ago in an interview, she did reveal she's currently working hard on her own music and described it as having an edgy pop vibe.

"I am actually currently working on my own music. It’s definitely in the realm of pop, but edgier. It’s not straight down the center of the road that is pop, it’s left of pop. If you took pop and held a lighter to it… it’s a little burnt," she said.

Well that description seems to perfectly summarize the song in this video! But after some investigation, we've uncovered that it's not actually Dove singing. The song is called "Can't Let go" and it's by VALNTN and Emilia Ali. Here they are performing it:

So solo Dove hasn't arrived yet, but it's for sure brewing. We'll just have to keep waiting a little bit longer, and cope by just listening to the starlet's impromptu performances she often posts on her Snapchat and Instagram. Hey, it's something, right?

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