LOL: Dove Cameron Sets the 'Liv and Maddie' Hologram Rumors to Rest Once and For All

There is only one episode left of Liv and Maddie: Cali Style left to air and while fans are going to miss the Rooney family and all their fun adventures together, there seems to be one major theory still out in the universe: that Liv and Maddie are played by two different actresses. Well, we're here to bring this point up yet again that it's not actual identical twins playing these roles, it's just the brilliant Dove Cameron pulling double duty. With the help of her two body doubles Shelby Wulfert and Emmy Buckner, Dove portrays both sisters so flawlessly, it's easy for people to think there are actually two people bringing Liv and Maddie to life.

The starlet took to her Snapchat and Twitter to share a video of herself watching the most recent episode along with her cat, where she clarified once again that Maddie (or Liv for that matter) isn't the work of a hologram like some people might think.

So we know Dove is AMAZING at playing both characters, making sure the characters have difference between them, like the sound of their voices to the fact that Dove made sure Liv was left-handed and Maddie was right handed. She's even said it time and time again how it's just her who plays these characters, even making a joke about how younger kids might pick up on it.

But it's not something she's even shied away from, instead embracing it and being super proud of the work she's created.

Dove has had to learn double the lines for each episode and essentially do the work of two actresses. She really is such a force and for those who are still a bit confused as to whether it's two people or one person, it's all her. She's Liv AND Maddie and she's really done such an amazing job over the last few years, no holograms involved thank you very much. So bravo to Dove!

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