New Chapter: Dove Cameron Confirms She's Working On Solo Music + Reveals Her Dream Roles


Dove Cameron has been rather busy the last few years, playing twins on her Disney Channel show Liv and Maddie, along with bringing to life the lead role of villain kid Mal in two Descendants movies. But now that her series is officially coming to an end, with the series finale airing very soon and production on D2 is over, everyone is wondering what she'll do next. Another television show or musical? A movie? Well, it looks like the starlet is about to do it all, but she's starting with some new music. That's right, in a new interview, Dove confessed she's actually working on solo jams right now, in this exact point in time, and it's going to be something totally new fans haven't ever heard from her before.

"I am actually currently working on my own music. As in, literally right now – today. It’s definitely in the realm of pop, but edgier. It’s not straight down the center of the road that is pop, it’s left of pop. If you took pop and held a lighter to it… it’s a little burnt," she said.

How amazing is that?! She has teased fans in the past on Twitter, hinting that she may be working on her own tunes without ever actually confirming it, so this is major. The only music outside of the songs she's recorded for her various roles that fans have gotten from her was from her band The Girl and the Dreamcatcher. Since she and her bandmate Ryan McCartan were dating and have since broken up, the band has split too. But this time around, it's just all Dove, so it will for sure be so interesting to hear what she's been working on all by her lonesome.

As for acting, Dove is still planning on getting in front of the camera and although she didn't say if she's attached to any projects currently, she did admit she is all about taking on darker roles.

"I would really love to do an action film, I’ve been obsessed with sci-fi action movies lately. I tweeted that I would love to play a villain or a cyborg or Tron, like some futuristic, crazy intense thing. I know I don’t look edgy, but I have found that in my personality I just have this natural energy that I enjoy edgier characters and I really want a chance to sink my teeth into something like that," Dove said. "I definitely want to do dramatic films, really gritty, intense, like you fully have to immerse yourself in it. I like doing strange things, off the beaten path. Just like any other job experience, or in life, you want [it] to be a colorful one."

Imagine how epic Dove would be playing an action hero? She already knows how to get rotten to the core, so taking on this type of role would be a natural fit for her.

She did go on to say that combining acting and singing together and taking on a Broadway role is what her ultimate goal is though. Fun fact: she actually wanted to make it on Broadway instead of being on a TV series.

"I would love to do Broadway. That was my original aim, when I first started acting when I was 13. I wanted to do stage, I wanted to do musicals. Life events ended up taking me to LA, but Broadway has always been a component in my heart, it’s definitely a dream," Dove confessed.

She totally slayed her role as Amber in the Hairspray Live!, so it's easy to see how the stage is where the star's heart really lies. We have a feeling the world will be seeing a lot of Dove in the future. Girl's got some big plans.

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