Perfect Harmony: Dove Cameron Shares Her Top Secret Solo Music Plans and It's Basically Going to Be Nothing Like Anyone Ever Expected


Dove Cameron has been rather busy lately, you know getting ready for the upcoming release of Descendants 2 and crafting up her solo music debut. Making her own music is something we haven't heard from the starlet before, since she's mostly sung songs for her various TV and movie roles and her former duo, The Girl and the Dreamcatcher. She's been super tight-lipped about her musical plans too but in a new interview with Modeliste, she finally dropped some major clues about what her music is going to sound like and when it's coming.

"That's definitely coming. 2017 is going to be a really big year. I can't speak too much on it, but in terms of my first single, it's definitely going to be exciting. I think a lot of my fans can anticipate what it's going to sound like. I think a lot of you can't. I'm excited to show you who I am o the inside. That's what it's going to sound like. I have been waiting a long time to be able to what I think I'm about to do," she shared.


So what exactly will her songs be about? She has gone through some major life changes within the last year, like the breakup from her former fiancé Ryan McCartan, falling in love again with her D2 co-star Thomas Doherty, her longtime TV series Liv and Maddie ending. There's plenty of material to gain inspiration from, right? Well, Dove shared that she doesn't actually write songs like other people tend to do and if you were expecting her to pour her heart out about her breakup and new relationship, you might not get that. At least not in the way you would think.

"When I'm creating music, I draw my inspiration from honestly not even experiences. I know that every songwriter in the world is like, my personal experiences. I've tried to do that, but they ll just end up sounding like really ridiculous. That get too wordy. My mother is a poet and my dad was a pianist and so I just get really wordy and I'm like, it's not exactly how I feel. I just give up on it. I get really angry and walk away," Dove explained.

So how exactly does she get the ideas for her tunes?

"I write like, it's going to sound so lame, but vibes. I'm very sensory. I love really nostalgic feeling songs, songs that can make anyone universally hit that thing in them. We all know hat that is. We ll know those feelings and that stuff. That stuff that is like the life energy that we all feel and it ca hit us sometimes. We're like 'oh.' It's that breath. I feel like I like to write about that," she explained.

That is super interesting and if there's anyone who can create an song in a totally unique way, it's Dove. She did post a super tiny snippet of a track she's recording on Snapchat and it legit sent everyone into a frenzy already, so we're sure once her official single rolls around, it will totally be worth the wait.

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