New Era: Here's Dove Cameron Was Able to Find True Happiness


Dove Cameron is clearly living her best life right now and she's not hiding it in the slightest. Her career is thriving — she has her highly anticipated Disney Channel Original Movie Descendants 2 coming soon, she's hinted she's possibly working on solo music and she's even auditioned for new projects now that her show Liv and Maddie has ended. And then there is her personal life. After calling off her engagement from Ryan McCartan, she took some time to be single, reconnect with herself and her longtime friends and it looks like love is in the air for her again, this time with her D2 co-star, Thomas Doherty.

After visiting him in Europe and sharing tons of their adorable moments on Instagram and Twitter so the world can just bask in all of their cuteness, she's currently in New York City, reflecting on how much her life has changed for the better.

Dove's happiness is key and much to her fans' surprise, she recently revealed with some blink-and-you'll-miss-it sly Instagram comments that her relationship with her ex wasn't as picture perfect as everyone thought. Dove and Ryan made music together as The Girl and the Dreamcatcher and they met while co-starred on Liv and Maddie and playing a couple on the show, but she admitted he was "terrible" to her. She then went on an even deeper Instagram spree, liking a comments a fan of hers wrote in defense of her revelations about the Rove relationship on her first official super cute selfie with Thomas.

Basically, this fan is pointing out how no one except Dove and Ryan know exactly what went on between them, so it's really no one's place to judge or speculate. Dove's supporters shouldn't turn away from her just because she's constantly growing and changing like any normal human being.

Dove has clearly entered a new phase of her life and this is a time of change that should be welcomed among her fans. She might not ever fully explain what happened to cause the demise of her relationship with Ryan and frankly, she doesn't have to. It's her choice what she decides to share with the world regarding her personal life and as of right now, she's said she is nothing but happy.

This might be because of Thomas, or maybe this new relationship was able to flourish because Dove is finally happy all on her own, allowing for this new love to come in. And that is nothing short of powerful. You go, girl.

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