Finally: Dove Cameron Lets the World Hear a Snippet of Her Solo Music


After much speculation and talk, it looks like Dove Cameron is ready to give her fans what they've been patiently waiting for: solo music. That's right, the starlet took to her Snapchat to share very brief snippets of her time in the recording studio, finally confirming she's working on her own songs.

It all went down when Dove first posted this black and white clip where she's in front of the mic but since the clip is super short, it's not that easy to make to exactly what she's recording. But we do know it's her very own song no one has heard before.

Then came the follow-up video that had everyone freaking out. While Dove is laying down, talking to the producer she's working with, we get to hear a few lines from this upcoming track and these lyrics are already too good. "It's like my heart is prayin', baby it won't shut, baby it won't shut, up," she sings.

GIRL. That thumping beat you can already feel, the lyrics speaking directly to your soul as Dove's vocals are weaving their way into your mind and you know you won't be able to forget. We'll let Mal react for us.

She is not messing around, that's for sure! The clip is short, but confirms Dove really is about to take the music world by storm, this time all on her own. Up until now, fans have only heard Dove singing songs from her work n the Descendants movies, Hairspray Live!, Liv and Maddie and from the musical duo she used to be a part of with her former fiancé Ryan McCartan, The Girl and the Dreamcatcher. They did write and record the songs on their EP Negatives together, but now we're about to hear what solo Dove sounds like. Naturally, fans are simply boiling over with excitement, and Dove is too.

She has described the sound of her upcoming tunes before, letting the world know that it's for sure unlike anything she's ever created before.

"It’s definitely in the realm of pop, but edgier. It’s not straight down the center of the road that is pop, it’s left of pop. If you took pop and held a lighter to it…it’s a little burnt," Dove said.

It's safe to say this super short teaser fits that description perfectly. DC1 is brewing. Get ready.

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