Unbreakable: Dove Cameron Opens Up About How Her 'Descendants 2' Co-Stars Helped Her Through a Rough Time


As Mal, the ringleader of the Villain Kids in the Descendants movies, its obvious that Dove Cameron has developed a close bond with each of her castmates, especially her fellow female powerhouses on set, Sofia Carson and China McClain. In the newest issue of Girl's Life magazine, Dove explained that she was actually going through a lot when she was filming both of these Disney Channel original Movies and if it wasn't for the cast and their fearless leader, director Kenny Ortega, she simply would've had an eve tougher time making it through the shoots.

"There were some rough days [for me], but they had nothing to do with being on set. Descendants was a very transitional time for me, and Descendants 2 even more so," Dove said. "I definitely found solace and comfort in Kenny. And, obviously, Thomas [Doherty]. He was a great friend to me then and is my boyfriend now. Sofia, though, can always tell when I’m in a bad mood."

Woah, it's so crazy to think that Dove personally was struggling with so much. While she was filming D2 was when she and Ryan McCartan went public with their breakup and that's a major life shift, since the couple was engaged. That for sure could take a toll on a person, especially since the breakup and all the drama in it's aftermath has all been very public. But Sofia quickly chimed in and admitted her besties is going much better now.

"I can tell as soon as she walks into the trailer if she’s having a bad day. You are so much happier now than during Descendants, Dove," Sofia said.

Now that is good to know. And as for Dove's friendship with China? Well, the starlet spoke about how these two actually go way back and she is contently impressed by the Uma to her Mal.

"I've known China for a while. We both had shows on Disney Channel. And I’ve always known this: She’s one of the most incredible vocalists I have ever heard in real life. She’s beyond. She is always fully present with the people she’s with, too" Dove shared.

The love between these co-stars is so real. Just precious. Guess they're not rotten to the core after all, at least in real life. In a new clip from D2 that was recently released, Mal and Uma go head-to-head in an arm wrestling match and it's clear these two do not get along, at all. Check it out:

It's going to be so interesting to see these two play frenemies. on-screen when really, they have nothing but love for each other.

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