Spotted: Are Dove Cameron and Thomas Doherty Getting Matching Tattoos?

It's obvious the cast of Descendants 2 is super close in real life and it looks like two castmates might be taking their friendship to a very permanent level. Dove Cameron and new addition to the Villain Kid crew Thomas Doherty really it off and perhaps they're thinking of solidifying their friendship forever with some matching tattoos.

It all began when Thomas took to Twitter to share a very specific emoji: a sun.

Now normally, one wouldn't question this emoji choice. Perhaps Thomas just has a thing for sunshines! But, it's the fact that this emoji looks just like Dove's first ever tattoo she debuted not too long ago.

And as if that wasn't enough proof, Dove retweeted and liked this sun tweet. She also liked a tweet from a fan who replied to Thomas, saying that these two simply need to get matching ink already.

So we're just going to take this as confirmation that Dove is totally down to do this if Thomas if. She recently got a coordinating tattoo with her Cloud 9 co-star Kiersey Clemons and Thomas was one of the D2 stars who all got matching anchor designs when they wrapped filming the upcoming DCOM. Clearly this is something they would be down to do again and since fans are totally shipping this pair as a couple — and it seems like their co-star Sofia Carson is too — it would simply prove they've reached a special place in their relationship. Time will tell if they do actually end up getting tattoos together!

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