Hmm: Are Fake Photos of Dove Cameron and Thomas Doherty Spreading Online?


Dove Cameron and Thomas Doherty have quickly become one of the most talked about couples of the moment. Although they haven't technically confirmed if they're officially dating, from the cute selfies, sentimental jewelry, and traveling around Europe together, to the public proclamations of just how happy they are, it's safe to say there is plenty of love between these two. It seems like everyone just can't get enough them, especially Descendants 2 fans, and although there aren't many pictures of them out in the world quite yet, there are a few circulating that are total fakes. And we're here to set the record straight of course because no one needs any untrue Domas updates.

When Dove and Thomas look their love story public while the starlet was visiting her D2 co-star in London, a photo of the pair wearing face masks together started to spread around.

While this seems like something super adorable any couple would do together, this particular photo is not real, but is in fact just a really convincing fan-made manip. The real pic is of Thomas cleansing his lovely face — and perfect jawline — with his sister, Rachel.

And this isn't where the confusion stops! Another photo surfaced of what everyone initially thought was of Dove and Thoma sharing a sweet smooch, which would obviously lead to mass hysteria since that is ALL the proof the world needs to confirm these two are in fact a legit item.

But as it turns out, this photo is an oldie and is of Dove and her ex-fiancé, Ryan McCartan. Since Ryan's face is turned to the side and his jawline looks rather prominent, it's easy to confuse him with Thomas. But alas, this is simply not the case and we're pretty sure it's safe to say if there is a Domas kissing pic that gets out there, it's going to come from the couple themselves. They've slowly been letting us all into their life togehter, so it's only a matter or time. Or so we hope.

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