Our Hearts: Dove Cameron & Thomas Doherty Make Their First Official Instagram Debut as a Couple


Dove Cameron and her Descendants 2 co-star Thomas Doherty have been reaching major couple milestones quite rapidly ever since we first noticed that they were crushing on each other. It first just started out as some subtle Twitter flirting, but we began suspecting that there was more to it after Dove tweeted that she loved Scottish people (AKA Thomas). That's basically all it took for everyone to start realizing that something was going on between the two.

Soon Thomas and Dove started appearing on each other's Snapchat stories too. Like come on now – that's when you know it's real. So basically, our hearts literally melted into puddles on the ground when we started seeing Dove and Thomas documenting their time spent together. Remember the time they shared a burger and hit up the Hairspray Live! after-party together? Yeah, who could ever forget something so precious?

While the rumored couple's Twitter flirting continued to progress, Dove and Thomas' Descendants 2 co-star even chimed into the conversation of their relationship via social media. That's right – Sofia Carson basically called out Dove for having a crush on Thomas. Of course, it was all in good fun. Dove tweeted about her admiration of sharp jawlines, and Sofia pointed out that she must have been talking about a certain someone. Thomas' jaw is as chiseled as it comes, so Sofia wasn't wrong.

Fast forward to now, and Dove and Thomas have officially made their Instagram debut with their first-ever photo together. Now, of course, they've posted photos of each other in the past. There have been quite a few Snapchats and the infamous burger video on Thomas' page. However, this is the first time Dove or Thomas have posted a photo of just the two of them... on Instagram... for the world to see.

"cheeks so rosy," she captioned it.


Thomas shared the same exact photo of the two hours later, with the caption, "Four happy eyes."

If one thing is for sure it's that these two truly look super happy together. Now that they've each posted this photo, we have a feeling there will be many more where that came from.


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