OMG: Did Sofia Carson Totally Call Out Dove Cameron's Crush On Their 'Descendants 2 'Co-Star Thomas Doherty?

So it's safe to say pretty much everyone in the Descendants 2 fandom is wondering what exactly is going on between Dove Cameron and Thomas Doherty. They've obviously become the best of friends and since they've been spending more time together now that they've wrapped filming the DCOM, there has been speculation that there might be something more to this friendship. So are they an official couple?! Although it's still unclear, it looks like Sofia Carson is chiming in and she's totally calling out Dove's crush on Thomas. CAN YOU EVEN HANDLE IT?!

It all went down on Twitter, when Dove decided to tweet about how fond she is of people's jaw bones. And Sofia couldn't help but call out the fact that Dove is most likely referring to one person in particular's jaw.

And guess who that is? Well, it's obviously Thomas since his jawline is out of this world. Seriously, it's the definition of sharp.

This led Dove to send back a funny message to Sofia, which pretty much confirmed the Liv and Maddie starlet's crush on her D2 co-star. But the girls of course made sure to tell each other how much love they have for one another, so perhaps Dove was talking about Sofia all along.

JK, we're still going with the Thomas theory because these two would be such a perfect couple so let's just climb back aboard the Dove + Thomas ship.

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