Glimmer of Hope: Is This Proof Dove Cameron and Ryan McCartan Are Still Friends?

When Dove Cameron and Ryan McCartan ended their engagement and crushed dreams of there being the first ever Disney Channel co-star wedding IRL, fans were left wondering what exactly went wrong. They always seemed so happy together and while it's unclear if we'll ever get a clear answer, there is a glimmer of hope out there for Rove shippers: it appears the pair is still rather friendly. And Dove confirmed this all with one little tweet.

The actress was replying to some fans, something she usually does, when someone asked her if she had listened to the music from Heathers: The Musical yet. She responded that she's in fact very familiar with the play, since Ryan once starred in it as one of the lead roles.

She just casually dropped Ryan's name, like it was no big deal. But sorry to break it to you Dove, THIS IS MAJOR. If things were tense or unsettled between them, she wouldn't have just mentioned her ex's name like that. So it's safe to say there might not be any hard feelings and maybe they're even still friends, which Ryan once said himself. Perhaps a reconciliation is possible in the future? OK, might be getting a bit ahead of ourselves but after being together for so long, it's a comfort to fans to know there isn't any bad blood between the former couple. So thanks for that, Dove.

In honor of this revelation, click through the gallery to relive some of their cutest pics and then drop a comment below telling us if you think they should get back together!