Perfect Match: Dove Cameron Wants to Play Sabrina Spellman On 'Riverdale' and We Are Here For It


Riverdale has quickly become one of the most buzzed about television series of the moment, since it brings to life beloved comic book characters in a totally new way and features a truly solid cast. They're all literally perfect in their respective roles and really get fans super invested in the story since you know, they're going through everyday challenges, like any typical bunch of high school students trying to solve a murder and deal with tons of family drama. Casual.

Since the show is based off the characters from the classic Archie comics, everyone has been wondering if any other familiar faces from this universe would be appearing on the show, specifically Sabrina Spellman, better know as Sabrina the Teenage Witch. (And no, we're not talking exactly about Melissa Joan Hart's iconic TV series, although if Dove wants to star that reboot one day we're totally here for it.) But this character of Sabrina originated in the Archie universe before becoming the star a beloved 90s/early 2000s sitcom and there have been rumors that she could find her way over Riverdale, and this is where Dove Cameron comes in.

The starlet responded to a tweet from Comicbook.com that brings up the fact that there is a chance Sabrina could be coming to The Cw series and she pretty much said she's into the idea of taking on this role.

And then the official Archie Comic account chimed in too, letting everyone know they could see this happening too.

How amazing would this be? Dove's series Liv and Maddie officially wrapped for good, so she no longer has another TV series she's tied to, and even though she's currently working on solo music and gearing up for Descendants 2, heading on over to Riverdale wold actually be beyond perfect. During fellow Disney Chanel album Cole Sprouse's Reddit AMA, he did mention he would be down to see some sort of crossover where Sabrina pays a visit from nearby Greendale. But since you know, she is a witch with powers and there isn't any sort of supernatural vibe to Riverdale, Cole would be curious to see how this is done in a way that stays true to the current feel of the show.

"There are rumors circulating already, and because it's an Archie comics property, it would be an easy integration. My only criteria for crossovers is that they don't break the universe," Cole said.

We have a feeling Dove is up for the challenge. Time to make this happen now.