Rising to Fame: Dylan Minnette & Katherine Langford Pinpoint the Moments They Realized the Popularity of '13 Reasons Why'


If you're a fan of 13 Reasons Why, then you know how popular the show has gotten in such a short amount of time. Leading stars Dylan Minnette and Katherine Langford opened up to Ellen Degeneres about when exactly they realized how popular the show become all of the sudden.

"Well, I feel like there was definitely a really big moment for me like a week ago. Um, I don't have Twitter – but Lady Gaga tweeted at me. Like reposted an interview where I was fangirling and wrote Katherine with a love heart, and I kind of freaked out a little bit," she said in the interview.

Dylan chimed in, "And if anyone knows Katherine – like we're doing an interview, and I bring up the words Lady Gaga, we have to take a minute and like stop. So I think that was a big moment for her."

How did Dylan realize the extent of his fame, you ask? Well, it really hit him at Coachella last month when tons of screaming fans recognized him as Clay from the show. Pretty cool, huh?

"I go to Coachella every year," Dylan said. "I went last weekend, and it kind of put into perspective how many people were watching the show. Um – at one point I was walking in front of a crowd, and I heard some people whispering. And then someone was like, 'Is there going to be a Season 2?' And I was like, 'I have no idea.' And then, someone – when I was past them, went, 'Clay.' Just one person. And I turn around, and I just waved."

The fans' reactions? Screaming.

"Everybody screamed," Dylan revealed. "I felt scared – I like ran away. I didn't know what to do."

LOL – it may be shock for Dylan and Katherine to receive all this attention, but it's safe to say it's well deserved. Come on, who isn't completely obsessed with the show?

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