Woah: A 'Famous In Love' Cutie Was Actually Almost Archie On 'Riverdale'


If you've been in the mood to get super invested in a new television series, you've most likely been sucked into the drama of not one, but two of the most buzzed about shows of the moment, Famous In Love and Riverdale. With twists and turns, romance, friendships being betrayed, and of course casts who you're now completely obsessed with IRL, it's easy to see how fans of both these series would overlap.

Charlie DePew plays Jake Salt, the lovable writer crushing hard on his best friend in FIL and it's safe to say he's the perfect fit for this role. Jake and Paige — played by Bella Thorne who fun fact, Jake once worked with when he had a role on her Disney Channel show Shake It Up — have a complicated friendship. It's clear they both have feelings for each other, but have found themselves in a love triangle. The drama! And during their scenes together, it's kind of hard not to be #TeamJake.

But what if it wasn't Charlie who was playing Jake? We know, HOW DARE WE EVEN SAY IT. In a new interview with NKDG Magazine, Charlie confessed that he originally had lost out on the part of Jake.

"I sent a taped audition and three months later, I got a call saying they wanted me to test for Jake Salt. I didn’t end up getting the part and in December of 2015, after the pilot was shot, they found out that the show was picked up but that the cast was put on hold," Charlie explained. "There ended up being a re-cast for the character of Jake and I knew this was my second shot."

And obviously he went on to snag the role. But Jake isn't the only role that sent Charlie on such a roller coaster. He auditioned for the part of Archie Andrews and it was literally down to Charlie and KJ Apa, who you know now as Archie.

"After losing the role [of Jake] the first time, I actually went out and auditioned for The CW. It was between me and KJ and I think we all know how that ended up," Charlie said. "After that, I was really ready to just step away from acting for awhile. Thank God I didn’t quit when I thought I would because everything worked out the way that it was meant to."

Woah, so after dealing with the heartbreak of not getting the part of Jake the first time around, he tried out for Archie and losing out on that show almost made Charlie throw in the towel. Imagine if he didn't even up going back and trying out for the part of Jake again?! Not only would his life be so different, but FIL would seriously be a much different show. Funny how things work out.